Headstone Transcriptions


Transcribed by Heather Stickland

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WALL OF HONOUR (erected 1996)

In memory of William Edward TAYLOR 3-12-1914 TO 11-11-1981 Rest in Peace
Douglas Edward Athley BALLARD 10-7-1918 TO 10-11-2000 At peace
In loving memory of James Manson WILLIAMSON died 12-9-1966 aged 75 years [and] In loving memory of Iris Isabella WILLIAMSON died 15-6-1973 aged 71 years
In loving memory of Kenneth MCDOUGALL O.B.E. 25-3-1907 TO 13-2-1981
[and] In loving memory of Joan Ludlow MCDOUGALL 28-3-1915 TO 8-3-2001. Loving parents of Cameron and Elizabeth. RIP
In loving memory of GEORGE (ARTHUR) DARE 14-1-1918 TO 30-8-2001

REMEMBRANCE WALL (part of above)

W E (Eddie) TAYLOR citizen of Tincurrin-Harrismith 1914-1981
Stephenson, Herbert SIBLEY born 22-5-1887 died 1939
[and] Selina KELLY (neé Martens) born 29-1-1900 died 1980
GRAY-MCPHERSON : Henry Dickenson 1875-1956
[and] Katie Esther 1883-1978 RIP. Buried Kukerin Cemetery. Farming pioneers of Harrismith 1909. Loved mum/dad Harvey, Col, Con, Lil, Harry, Bob, Lucy, Jess, Joan, Iris, Ken.
In loving memory of Len BAYLEY 18-9-1915 to 17-3-1997 and MARGARET BAYLEY 5-7-1919 TO 25-4-2000
William Justice SMITH Avon Loc. 1302 Arrived 1868 Departed 1920
In memory of Peter BUNWORTH, Patrick BUNWORTH, Richard BUNWORTH 1907 to 1933
MULLAN : William and Ethel, Harry and Josie. Arrived 1906 working on the Number 2 Rabbit Proof Fence
Edward Abraham and Alice Lynam TAYLOR. Pioneers of Tincurrin-Harrismith 1911-1958.
Honor STEWART 1899-1962. Loved mother of John, Eleanor, Stewart and Ian Waugh. Pioneer. Loved very much.


In loving memory of Clare Melville DARE. Beloved wife of Harold, fond mother of Bob, Viv, Owen and Lyn. Died 29 September 1993 aged 81 years.
In loving memory of Lilian Mary DARE died 13 May 1929 aged 43 years.
Ruth ASTBURY (Nenke) 10-4-1914 to 26-8-1998. Loved wife of Steve, devoted mother of June.
In loving memory of Charles Robert BLACK died 4 May 1931 aged 54 years.
In loving memory of Thomas BAYLEY loving husband of Mary. Died 26 November 1924 aged 54 years
In loving memory of John DARE died 12 November 1918 aged 70. “Till we meet again”
In loving memory of Elizabeth DARE, beloved wife of John Dare, fond mother of Florrie, Arnold, Harry, Frank and Arthur. Died 21 April 1927 aged 79 years.
In loving memory of our dear husband and father John Arnold DARE. Passed away May 11 1946 aged 67 years. “He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life”.
In loving memory of a wonderful mother Blanche DARE. Passed away March 6 1966 aged 86 years. RIP
In loving memory of Nellie Marion LLOYD. Beloved wife of John, loved daughter of Arnold and Blanche Dare. 26-1-1911 to 29-1-1989.
In loving memory of Francis Robert DARE. Died 23rd June 1943 aged 80 years.

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