Headstone Transcriptions

Onslow Cemetery

Transcribed by Lorraine Larment
From photographs taken by Val Beck

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AHMAT, Edie. Buried 17 March 1969. No photograph available.
ALLEN, Noreen Delaporte. (Unreadable)
ARCHER, Gale Francis. Interred 4 August 1949. Granddaughter of Daisy Marks.
ASHBURTON, Dennis. Accidentally drowned 2 February 1983 aged 50 years. Son of To?
ASPLIN, George. 29 June 1934. By his comrades.

BAILEY, Eric R G. 1903 - 1975. Husband of Mona.
BAILEY, Mona Sheila (nee Pfeiffer). 4 September 1919 - 7 July 1996. Wife of Eric.
BLAIR, Ian Donald. 10 October 1929 - 23 October 1998. Husband of Val, father of David, Lynette and Ross.
BULLOCK, Raymond William. 7 April 1935 - 27 June 2000. A true bushman, resting in his beloved Pilbara.
BUTLER, Desmond Alfred. 12 October 1964 aged 35 years. Brother of Beryl, Valma and Ivy.
BUTLER, Joe. 1903 - 1990. Husband of Dolly, father of Bella, Charleston (decd) and Doris. Stepfather of Teresa, Marie, Bill (decd) and Len Cashen (decd).

CAMPBELL, Nat. 26 July 1952.
CARLYON, w. wx15785, 2/4 Machine Gun Battalion. 26 February 1998 aged 93 years. Uncle of Gavin and family, Onslow friends.
CHARCOAL, of Yanrey. 27 December 1958
CHYE, Lo Sun (Tilly). 8 December 1986 aged 89 years.
CLARK, Henry William (Bill). 1920 - 13 November 1983. Husband of Peg, father of Mignonne, Neil, Dale, Peter and Julie. A true son of Onslow.
CLARK, Margaret Saint (nee Caporn). 6 February 1924 - 20 January 2000. Wife of Henry William, mother of Mignonne, Neil, Dale, Peter and Julie.
COALSTAD, Charles Severin. November 1934. Husband.
CONDON, Noel George. 23 November 1957 - 7 November 1997. Station hand and hard working man from the age of 14 years. Son of Dulcie and Mick, father of Noeletita, Justin, Devina, Noel, Peter and Terrance. Granfather to Stanley.
COOPER, HIlda, 5 November 1963 aged 55 years. Wife of Arthur.
COX, Gilbert Arthur. 1 January 1940 - 14 May 1997. Father of Sandra, Richard, Shirleen and Stella.
CRAWFORD, Alice Sydney (Sally). 15 September 1980 aged 66 years. Wife of Edward, mother of Lawrence, Irene, Kay (sic) and Alan.
CRAWFORD, Edward Lawrence. 20 July 1912 - 24 April 2001. Husband of Alice, father of Lawrence (decd), Irene, Kaye (sic) and Alan.
CRAWFORD, Lawrence Lloyd. 17 September 1941 - 1 March 1997. Husband of Erna, father of Lex, Sue-Anne, Simon, Nicole, Kylie, Joanne and Tania.

DEP (LOY HAI), Margaret. Born Broome 6 June 1938. Ill and brought ashore from MV Koolinda. Died Onslow 22 August 1944. There are chinese characters at the head of the grave.
DELAPAORTE, Stanley. 1916 - 1986. Husband of Leary, father of Noreen.
DRAKE, James McLeod. 10 November 1997 aged 54 years.

FARRELL, Albert (Bert). 6 March 1969 aged 77 years.
FERGUSON, Eva Rosina. 18 June 1924 - 8 June 2000. Wife of Bill, mother of Paul.
FERGUSON, William Charles. 2 December 1922 - 25 August 2003. Husband of Eva, father of Paul.
FISHER, Richard Colin. 25 November 1929 aged 32 years. By his mother.
FLACK, H J. Engine room artificer II 26477, RAN. 10 September 1952 aged 35. Father of Ivan and Harry.
FORREST, G W. 2/28 Inf Battalion 7 October 1995 aged 80 years. Dad.
FURLONG, Frank. 1884673, Sapper Royal Engineers. 13 October 1952.

GRANT, Keith McKenzie. 1903 - 1977. By the people of Onslow. A true bushman and a great horseman.

HALLIDAY, Ellen May. 14 October 1947. Wife. Mother of Jeanette.
HUBERT, Natasha ’Kitty May’. 25 September 1984 aged 9 months. Daughter of Beverley and Jimmy.
HUBERT, Stanley. 24 April 1983 aged 53 years. Father of seven.


JAMES, Norman Frederick. (Unreadable)
JEFFRIES, Betty Elizabeth. 1 April 19913 aged 58 years. Wife of Bill, mother of Pauline, Stephen, William. Linda and Kim.

KAY, Jesse John. 23 November 1989 aged 5 years. Son of Leonie.
KNUCKEY, Elizabeth Ida (Bebe). 15 December 1979 aged ?8 years. Mother of Phillip, Colin and Jeanette (decd). Daughter of Ludie and Guy Tink)

LAFFIN, Rupert. ?? August 1921? - 1 July 19??. Husband of Dora (decd)
LAPTHORNE, Regina May. 13 May 1971 - 28 October 1985. From Mum, Dad, Arnold, Rosie, Edward, Andrew and families.
LILLYCRAPP, John. 2 February 1935 aged 54 years. Husband of Louisa, father of Jack and Joyce.
LILLYCRAPP, Louisa. 19 May 1960 aged 77 years. Mother of Jack and Joyce, Nanna of Brett and Donnette.
LOCKYER, Arthur Elliott Brooks. 1881 - 16 June 1949 aged 67 years. Brother of Maud and George.
LOW, Harold Victor. 27 September 1950 aged 49 years. Husband and Dad.

MAIDMENT, Robert George (Bob). 23 November 1917 - 7 May 1943. Son of Ethel and Clarrie of Harvey, Husband of Ruby, father of Bruce. Brother of Dot. Died at Potshot Base, Learmonth.
MARKS, Daisy Ethelwyn. Interred 7 October 1948.
MC AULLAY, Bobby. 8 May 1987 aged 52 years. Father of Ricky and Mark.
MC AULLAY, Kim. 20 March 1976 aged 17 years. Son of Dawn and Darral, brother of Billy, Sandy and Michael.
MC AULLAY, Terrence Bernard. 11 June 1941 - 11 July 1996. Husband of Patricia, father of Ronald, Donna and Joanne.
MC GRATH, Marian Fleay. 1920 - 2003. Reunited with Leo, mother of Mardi, Carol and Leonie.
MC GREGOR, Allan Barnard. 16 July 1985 aged 69 years.
MC HALE-WAYNE, Arthur. 27 July 1898 aged 69 years. Diver.
MEGGS, Charlie. 22 September 1979 aged 74 years. Father of Betty (with Betty Jeffries)
MIPPY, Neil A.
MOEDIN BIN TAIR. 17 December 1983 aged 77 years.
MOORE, David Newton. 18 March 1990 aged 71 years.
MOORE, Major Norman Reginald. 1916 - 1992. Father of Geoffrey.

PARKER, Herbert. OAM. 23 July 1985 aged 75 years. Husband of Ivy, father of Trevor, Margaret, Maitland, Marjorie, Slim and Guy.
PASCOE, Patricia Anne. 12 August 1992 aged 56 years. Wife of Trevor, mother of Gordon and Jacqui, grandmother of Shaye.
PIESSE, H (Cec). 1909 - 19987. Mona.

RIDLEY, Kenneth James. 22 October 1967 aged 34 years. By his aunt, uncle and family. Bebe and Boys.
RYAN, Lynette Agnes. Accidentally killed 28 May 1965 aged 16 years. Daughter of Mary and John (decd), sister of Margaret, Phyllis, Peter, John, Garry and James.

SAVAGE, Clement. 27 January 1905 - 17 February 1982. Husband of Margaret, father of Neville, Mary, Joan and Doreen.
SAVAGE, Margaret. 28 June 1905 - 24 January 1956. Wife of Clem, mother of Neville, Mary, Joan and Doreen.
SCARFF, Edwin Lionel. 1903 - 1944. Husband of Myrtle, father of Walter and Edwin.
SCARFF, Myrtle Evelyn. 1965. Mother of Walter (decd) and Edwin.
SCARFF, Victoria Elizabeth. 18 July 1939 aged ?7 years.Wife of late Walter William, mother of Irene, Edwin, Evely, Thomas (decd), Wallace, Merle, Leslie and Francis. Daughter of RF and S Hope, sister of I M Campbell.
SHANKS, Helen Veronica. 5 March 1982 aged 74 years. Wife of Bill, mother of Ray, Jacqueline and Dawn.
SHANKS, Leslie Rayfield. 2 February 1957 - 14 October 2003. Son of Jess and Ray, brother of Jac, Mark, Glenn, Leonie and Dean. Father of Chelsea, Kai and Willow.
SHANKS, Margaret and Rayleen. 6 August 1960. Infant daughters of Jess and Ray.
SHANKS, Mark William. 8 September 1955 - ? July 1997. Husband of Jennifer, father of Marie and Jason.
SHANKS, Rayfield John Every. 13 January 1932 - 9 February 2004. Husband of Jess, father of Jackie, Mark, Leslie, Margaret, Rayleen, Glenn, Leonie and Dean.
SHANKS, William. 2 March 1981 aged 74 years. Husband of Nell, father of Ray, Jacqueline and Dawn.
SPENCE, John. 13 August 1979 aged 68 years. An Irish gentleman.

TAYLOR, John Stanley. 6 March 1984 aged 72 years. A perfect gentleman. By the people of Onslow.
THOMPSON-DICK, William Arthur. 3 January 1959 aged 76 years. A great man.
THURKLE, A D. DX30 2/3 Field Regiment. 20 August 1963
TINK, Ida. 22 September 1989 aged 77 years. Mother of Les, Dick, Margie, Ken, Bebe, Clarrie, Jim and Ray.
TINK, James Thomas. 30 January 1967 aged 17 years. Son of Guy and Ida, brother of Les, Dick, Margie, Ken, Bebe, Clarrie and Ray.
TINK, Richard Guy. 7 March 1950 aged 13 years. Son of Guy and Ida, brother of Les, Margie, Ken, Bebe, Clarrie, Jim and Ray.
TUCKER, Percy. 12 April 1981.
TURNER, Florence C. (Mallett). 1913 - 2001. 2nd AIF. Dear kind Don, here I am with special brother George (Z), we three again in love.

WALSH, Gwendoline Mary. 23 July 1915 - 27 February 1973. Wife of Gerry, mother of Frank, Karl, Ian, Kim and Philip.
WALSH, Norman George (Gerry). 6 November 1915 - 25 March 1991. Husband of Gwendoline, father of Frank, Karl, Ian, Kim and Phillip. WX12490, 2nd AIF.
WAMIA, Topsy. 1 July 1897 - 30 June 1991.
WANDLE, George Leslie (Scotty). 21 March 1972 aged 69 years. Husband of Nell, father of Delma and Graeme.
WARNER, W H. WX2236, 2/11 Btn. 7 November 1963.
WAY, Lita (Ludovica). 1940 - 2005. Wife of Bob, mother of George, Peter, Robert and Stephen.
WHITE, Jim. 1935.
WHITFIELD-CLUNE, Marjory. 1919 - 1988. Wife of Robert, mother of Patricia Joy, mother in law of Noel, grandmother of David, Neville, Carol and Joanne, g-grandmother of Kevin, Lauren.
WONG, Min_ _ _?. Died 1928, on S S Minderoo.
WOOD, W (Bill). September 1903 - March 1963. Husband of Maida, father of Carmen and Ross.
WOODHOUSE, Ethel (nee Annetts). 1925 - 1991. Wife of Fred, mother of Steve, Christopher and Bernie.
WOODHOUSE, Frederick William. 8 July 1990 aged 74 years.

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