Headstone Transcriptions

Teal Flat

Generously provided by Graham Barlow - Swan Reach Museum
who had transcribed to 1997
and Marylin and Steve Jones from 1997 onward

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BARTUSCH, John. 28 Jan 1894. Aged 79 years. Father of S Bartusch. Last abode Walker Flat.
BUCKLEY, Olive Ethel. 1 Sep 1892. Aged 11 months. Born 15 Sep 1891. Daughter of Stephen Henry and Phillis Emma (nee Higginson). Last abode Teal Flat.

DROGEMULLER, Mary Emma. 11 Jun 1895. Aged 13 or 14 years. Daughter of J. C. Drogemuller. Last abode Chucka Bend.

GOGEL,Beatrice Helen. 13 August 1894. Aged 3 months. Born 16 May 1894 at Hd of Younghusband. Daughter of John Henry and Jane (nee Knight). Last abode Younghusband.
GOGEL, Gracie Wilhelminna. abt 28 Jul 1894. Aged 4 years. Born 4 Oct 1899 at Caloote. Daughter of John Henry and Jane (nee Knight). Last abode Younghusband.

KAISER, Heinrich Wilhelm. 3 Sep 1892. Aged 18 or 19 months. Born 25 Mar 1891 at Woodside. Son of Heinrich and Mathilda (nee Rubenkonig). Last abode Younghusband.
KNIGHT, Maxwell George. 4 Nov 1895. Aged 1 day 12 hours. Born 2 Nov 1895 at Hd of younghusband. Son of George and Rose Adelaide (nee Small). Last abode Younghusband.

LAHNE, Annie Elsie. 1 Apr 1893. Aged 4 years. Daughter of Fredrich. Last abode Hd of Younghusband.
LOVEDAY,Barbera. 12 Aug 1906. Aged 51 years. Wife of Thomas. Last abode Caurnamont.
LOVEDAY,Ethel. 3 Jul 1893. Born 1 Jul 1893 at Caumamont. Daughter of Thomas and Barbera (nee Carmichael). Last abode Craignook near Caurnamont
LOVEDAY, Thomas. 21 Sept 1912. Aged 66 years. Husband of Barbera. Last abode Caurnamont.
LOXTON, Francis Danial. 26 Aug 1897. Born 9 May 1897 at Teal Flat. Son of Alfred and Mary Ann (nee Muldoon).

MCKENNA, Stephen Leslie. 10 Oct 1900. Born 20 Sep 1900 at Rhine Creek. Son of Leslie and Frances (nee Read). Last abode Rhine creek.
MUDGE, Sarah. 23 Jun 1890. 59 or 64 years. Wife of James. Last abode Younghusband.

POBKE, Clara Elizabeth. 6 July 1890. Daughter of Johann Carl August and Marie Emilie Pobke (nee Bormann). Born 23 November 1889. Last abode Walker Flat.
POBKE, Edgar Herbert. 17 Apr 1899. Born 13 Aug 1890 at Walker flat. Son of Johann Carl and Johanne Auguste (nee Bormann) Last abode Walker Flat.
PREISS, Eleanora Clare. 21 Aug 1891. born 12 Oct 1890 at Woodside. Daughter of Fredrich Wilhelm and Louisa Catherine (nee Jacobs). Last abode Carlot (Teal Flat).
PUTLAND, Ada Mabel. 30 Sep 1891. born 23 Jul 1890 at Teal Flat. Daughter of Charles and Amelia (nee Tonkin). Last abode Teal Flat.
PUTLAND, Jane coulan. 4 Oct 1904. Aged 86 or 87 years. Wife of Henry. Last abode Teal flat.

READ, Kate. 15 Oct 1899. 4 or 5 years. Stepdaughter of Leslie McKenna. Last abode Caurnamont.
RIEDEL, Charles Henry William. 16 Sep 1890. Aged 4 years. Son of William George. Last abode Scrubby Flat Hd of Forster.
RIEDEL, Powell Oscar. 15 Sep 1890. Aged 14 months. Son of William George. Last abode Forster.

SMITH, James William. 17 Jan 1904. Aged 18 years. Last abode Chucka bend.

WAIGHT, donald Thomas. 17 Apr 1898. Aged 10 months. Son of Thomas. Last abode Graighnook near Caurnamont.
WALKER, James. 26 Dec 1891. Aged 50 or 60 years. Last abode Craignook - river Murray.
WEYLAND, Elliot Ernest. 29 Sep 1890. Born 26 Oct 1885 at Caurnamont. Son of Ernst Phillip and Mary (nee House). Last abode Teal Flat.

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