Headstone Transcriptions


Transcribed by Marylin and Steve Jones

I do not wish to offend anyone by listing this information on the website, as the work is done with the best intentions of providing vital information to family historians. All the information shown here is on public display at the respective cemeteries.
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ANDERSON, Douglas John, 29.8.1923 - 29.7.2002, husband of Lola, father of Wayne, Brenton and Gary, stepfather of Robbie and Philip
ASHMAN, Betty Margaret, died 24 June 1986, aged 57 years, wife of Kelvin, mother of Tony, Neil and Linda (dec)
ASHMAN, Linda Margaret, died 25 December 1985, aged 21 years, daughter of Kelvin and Betty, and sister of Tony and Neil

BADMAN, Clive Stanley, son of Stanley and Elma, accidentally killed 13 July 1948, aged 8 years
BADMAN, Elma Elizabeth Ann, died 2 August 1974, aged 61 years, wife of Stanley Matthias,  mother of Clive, Junice and Evon
BADMAN, Stanley Matthias, died 3 April 1976, aged 68 years,  father of Clive, Junice and Evon (with Elma)
BAIL, Stephen Maxwell, died 2.6.54, aged 1 day
BAINES, Herbert, died 11 September 1968, aged 63 years,  father of Colin and Carol, Ivan and Joylen, Brian and Suzanne, Robert and Kaylene, Graham and Nancy
BAINES, Stella Jean, died 2 October 1991, aged 83 years,  mother of Colin and Carol, Ivan and Joylen, Brian and Suzanne, Robert and Kaylene, Graham and Nancy
BALD, Harold, died 9.10.41
BALDOCK, James Keith, darling son of David and Robyn, brother of Sharon, died 13 April 1979, aged 7 weeks
BARNES, Melva Irene, 25 March 1999, aged 79 years,  wife of Glen Wilson,  mother of Nelson (dec), Mostyn (dec), Gary, Lester, Mark (dec)
BARNES, Mostyn Glen, son of Melva and Glen,  brother of Nelson, Gary and Lester, passed on 30 August 1957, aged 8 years
BETTISON, Beatrice, (with Mary and Stephen)
BETTISON, Mary Ann, 1894 - 1958, wife of Stephen (with Stephen and Beatrice)
BETTISON, Stephen N. D., 1890 - 1976, husband of the above (with Mary and Beatrice)
BEVAN, Louis Henry, died 27.2.58, aged 95 years
BLACK, James Peter, husband of Louisa Jane, died December 1, 1912, aged 66 years
BLACKER, Cathie Edith, dearly be only daughter of H J and M J Blacker, died 30 October 1933, aged 14 years
BLACKER, David Ross, Sergeant, SX17410, 2/27 Battalion, 2 December 1990, aged 75 years, husband of Kathleen (dec),  father of Ken, Bob and Pam
BLACKER, Gordon Lance (John), husband of Violet, and  father of Beryl, Raelene, Julie and Rosemary, died 9 September 1958, aged 44 years
BLACKER, Herbert James, passed away 26 November 1958, aged 79 years, father of Frank, Doug, Johnny, Keith and Cathie (with Mabel)
BLACKER, Kathleen Margaret, died 6 August 1967, aged 49 years, wife of David,  mother of Ken, Bob and Pam
BLACKER, Keith, died 5 August 1962, aged 44 years,  father of Pat (with Marjorie)
BLACKER, Mabel Julia, passed away 5 February 1963, aged 76 years, mother of Frank, Doug, Johnny, Keith and Cathie (with Herbert)
BLACKER, Marjorie Maude, died 5 January 1965, aged 47 years,  mother of Pat (with Keith)
BLACKER, Violet, wife of John, died 22 March 1974, aged 59 years
BLUCHER, Florence, died 15.6.61, aged 83 years
BLUCHER, William, died 9.6.70, aged 99 years
BOTTRALL, Henry, died 28 February 1970, aged 84 years
BRAY, Helen Marion, died 15 June 1949, aged 20 months
BREED, Anthony Myron, born 31.3.1970, died 5.9.2002, aged 32 years,   son of Jim and Ivy,  brother of Sheralyn, Nigel and Christabel
BREED, Frederick George, died 5 December 1984, aged 78 years,  son of William and Annie,  brother of Spring and Ron, uncle of nieces and nephews
BREED, Ronald, Gunner, SX12723, 2/3 Field Regiment, 2 May 1983, aged 76 years,  husband of Yvonne, brother of Spring (dec) and Fred
BREED, Yvonne Iris, born 15.11.1920 - died 12.10.1987,  wife of Ronald,  sister of Roma and David
BROWN, Elfreda Cathrine,  wife of Harrold, passed away 24 September 1986, aged 72 years, dear mum and nanna {of} Lindon, Betty, Heather, Fay and families
BROWN, Harrold Lindon,  husband of Elfreda, passed away 15 July 1976, aged 74 years, dear dad and poppa [of] Lindon, Betty, Heather, Fay and families
BROWN, Lyndon Selwyn,  only son of Harrold and Elfreda, died 7 September 1965, aged 35 years
BROWNE, Kenneth S., born 21.6.1905, died 27.6.1993, by his family and Elsie

CABOT, Gladys Mary, born 5 March 1922, passed away 8 March 2002,  wife of John Rex (Jack),  mother of Claire, Brian, Julie and Jim
CABOT, Jennifer Ann, died 15 October 1998, aged 37 years, wife of Brian,  mother of Bradley, Kristy and Emma
CABOT, Neville Rosslyn, 29.3.1909 - 18.6.1972,  father of Peter, Michael, Alan and Jennifer (with Ruth)
CABOT, Ruth Pomeroy, 21.7.1915 - 8.12.1997,  mother of Peter, Michael, Alan and Jennifer (with Neville)
CAMILLERI Michael James, son of Pat and Margaret, brother of Jeanette and Andrew, died 28.12.78, age 16 years
CAMPBELL, Ronald James, died 20.5.94, aged 73,  husband of Eileen,  father of Bill, Pauline, Janet and families
CAMPBELL, Simon Robert, infant son of Debbie and Keith, brother of Lisa, 14 December 1980
CARBINS, Elizabeth, wife of John, who passed away November 13, 1931
CARR, Brook, husband of Mary, died 20 February 1976, aged 78 years,  father of Bruce, Allan, Lloyd, Vivian and Heather
CARR, John Wilfred, passed away 3 June 2000, aged 80 years,   husband of Kathleen,  father of Pauline, Julie, Margie and Bernardette
CARR, Kerran John, son of Leo and Dorothy, age 18, 20 May 1965
CARR, Leo Abram, 8.8.1914 - 15.2.2000,   husband of Bobbie,  dad of Michael, Kerran (dec), Paul, Dena, Mark, Jane (dec), and Marie; + service plaque 115289 LAC, RAAF, age 85
CARR, Lloyd Desmond, died 22 February 1996, aged 65 years, husband of  Margaret Jean,  father of Wayne, Neil, Helen
CARR, Mary, wife of Brook, died 15 December 1984, aged 85 years,  mother of Bruce, Allan, Lloyd, Vivian and Heather
CARR, Robert Alfred, husband of Elsie, passed away 21.10.1979, aged 54 years,  father of Marion and Tony, stepfather of Ken, Ian, Allan, John and Chrissie
CARTHEW child, died 28.7.46, aged 9 years
CHARLTON, Anthony Robert, infant son of Marie and Treva, died 6 April 1960, aged 3 days
CHARLTON, Treva John, passed away 3 March 2002, aged 68 years,  husband of Marie Maude,  father of Vicki, Anthony (dec), Lee-Anne, Scott and Jane, cherished papa, of Dale, Samuel, Tayla, Matthew, Demi
CHEWINGS, H. J., 8838 Private, 2nd Machine Gun Battalion, 21 October 1955, age 59 years, husband of Lois,  father of Lois, James and Robert
CLARKE, Dioni Rachel, daughter of Jennifer and Paul, stillborn 10.6.70
CLEGGETT, Ada Ethel Sarah, 8.12.95 aged 110 yrs,  wife of Thomas and mother of Mary, Lloyd, Frank, Thomas, Florence, Robert and Ruth
CLEGGETT, Thomas, 15.5.77, aged 93 years,  husband of Ada and father of Mary, Lloyd, Frank, Thomas, Florence, Robert and Ruth
COCK, Colin L., died 23 February 1976, aged 64 years,  husband of Kathleen,   father of Bev, Carly, Janette and Denis
COCK, Kathleen T., died 24 September 1992, aged 79 years,   mother of Bev, Carly, Janette and Denis (with Colin)
CONDON, died 9.1.30
COOPER, Bessie Freda, 25.7.1932 - 4.5.1999,  mother of Anne, Christine, Yvonne, Wendy and their families
COOPER, child, died 4.8.13
COOPER, Emma R.,  mother of P. D. S. Cooper, died 6 December 1913, aged 71 years
COOPER, J. E., Corporal, SX9146, Army Medical Corps, 7 May 1976, age 71,  husband of Ruthven and father of Joseph and Bessie
COOPER, Ruthven Annie, our be mother, passed away 28 March 1977, aged 82 years (with J E Cooper)
CRETTENDEN, Algernon Jack, passed away 23 May 1982, aged 74 years,   husband of Mavis Winifred,  father of four sons and two daughters
CRETTENDEN, Lancelot Jack, 27.9.1935 - 11.7.2000, aged 65 years,  husband of Mollie, treasured father of David, Lisa, Toni, Mark, Gary, Andrew
CRETTENDEN, Mavis Winifred, passed away 1 June 2001, aged 88 years,  mother of four sons and two daughters, (with Algernon)
CRONIN, Anne M., died 4.7.1984, aged 81 years
CRONIN, James, died 12.1.1963, aged 68 years
CRONIN, Leo Bernard, accidentally killed 28 November 1974, aged 21 years,  son of Monica and Mick, brother to Paul and Kathryn
CRONIN, Michael Patrick, passed away 19.12.2002, aged 82 years,  father of Leo (dec), Paul and Kathryn (with Monica)
CRONIN, Monica Frances, passed away 25.10.1996, aged 75 years,  mother of Leo (dec), Paul and Kathryn
CRONK, Greta Maud, died 14 September 1993, aged 79 years, wife of William,  mother of Dawn (dec), William, Eileen, Joan, John, Hedley and Brian
CRONK, William John,  husband of Greta,  father of Bill, Eileen, Joan, John, Hedley, Brian, also Dawn (dec), passed away 9 Seotember 1976, aged 69 years; + service plaque SX15218, Private, 2/48 Battalion,
CURTIS, John Harley, born 9.6.1906, died 12.2.2000,   husband of Lottie,  father and pa of Maureen, Doreen and families

DANGERFIELD, James Leslie, our son and brother, died September 29, 1923, aged 22 years
DANGERFIELD, L. G., Corporal, 278, 5 Machine Gun Bn., 9 December 1971, aged 79 years,  brother of Winnifred, Nellie, Maud, Emily, Leslie (dec)
DANSIE, John Raymond, husband of Dalys, and  father of Peter and Lesley, died 10 November 1959, aged 26 years
DATE, Danielle Louise,
DATE, Harold E.
DATE, V. E. M., SX26386, WO2, Armoured Corps, 27 July 1965, age 51, my son
DAVIES, Elizabeth A., died 10 November 1958, aged 82 years,  mother of Harry, Vi, Tom, Rae, Mona, also Tammy and Oliver (dec)
DE WOLF, Jan, died 20.8.77, aged 69 yrs
DEAR, Ernest Harold, died 16.4.85, aged 78 years, husband of Jean, father of Graham
DENNIS, Dean Russell, died 18 March 1985, aged 49 years, husband of Elizabeth Anne,  father of Susanne, Jayne and Kathryn
DATEDEVERELL, Elizabeth, 1899 - 1989,  wife of Frank, mother of Iris, Veronica and Stanley
DODD, Arthur William, husband of Elma Rose,  father of William and Elma, born 25.1.1888, passed away 4.8.1961
DODD, Elma Rose,  wife and mother passed away 11.9.1968, aged 83 years (with Arthur)
DODD, William A., Corporal, SX30241, 61 Aust. Wireless Section, 25 October 1981, aged 66 years,   husband of Joan, father of Judi, Barbra and Geoffrey
DOLLING, Died 8.4.12
DORWARD, Natalia, wife of Colin,  daughter of Edward and Ethel Slater, passed away 7 March 1958, aged 37 years
DUNCAN, William Arthur, passed away 21 August 2002, aged 83 years, husband of Noreen,  father of nine children
DUNN, Maria, died October 1956, aged 82 years
DURDIN, Betty Mavis,  mother of Colin, and grandmother of Brett and Shaun, died 22 August 1988
DURDIN, Elizabeth, wife of John, died June 2, 1934, aged 75 years
DURDIN, Florence E., daughter of late John and Elizabeth, passed away 12 June 1962, aged 69 years
DURDIN, John, husband of the late Elizabeth, died 24 March 1943, aged 85 years

EDWARDS, David Raymond,  son of Geoff and Peg,  brother of Peter and Marnie, friend of Claude and Mary Overton

FAEHSE, Mark L., husband of May, died 28 August 1971, aged 74 years
FAEHSE May, wife of Mark L., died 2 July 1956, aged 60 years
FAEHSE, Murielle Constance, died 16 October 1966, aged 50 years, wife of Ron,  mother of Don, Mavis and Jim
FEIRCLOUGH, Amy Etta, wife of Royal F., and  mother of Shirley, Dawn and Nina, died 6 June 1956, aged 62 years
FEIRCLOUGH, Audrey Laurel, daughter of Royal and Amy, died 31.5.38, aged 18 months
FEIRCLOUGH, Royal Frank, (late 1st AIF and RAAF) husband of Amy E., and  father of Shirley, Dawn and Nina, died 17 May 1977, aged 83 years
FERGUSSON, Joel Anthony, 11.6.1982 - 21.9.1982,   by Mummy, Daddy and Kane
FIRTH, Louis Norman, passed away 16 November 1950, aged 63 years
FIRTH, Minnie Isabel, wife of Louis Norman, and mother of Jack and Harold, passed away 23 November 1967, aged 79 years
FITZGERALD, Daniel Thomas, died 27 December 1974, aged 67 years
FITZGERALD, Edward Vassie, 4.2.1894 - 19.7.1977, aged 83 years,  father of Ross, Lawrence, Bas, Patrick and Brian (with Lillian)
FITZGERALD, John, son Jean and Jack, died 15.5.61, aged 8 days
FITZGERALD, Lillian Ivy, wife of Edward, 25.2.1900 - 15.7.2001, aged 101 years,  mother of Ross, Lawrence, Bas, Patrick and Brian
FOOT, Errol Lee, son of Mort and Phyl, died 29.10.43, aged 5 months
FRENCH, Alan Hallet, died 27.3.80, aged 80 yrs
FRENCH, no details
FURNELL, Catherine, our dear mother, died 5 January 1958, in her 98th year
FURNELL, Christina May, died 12.2.1971, aged 69 years,  mother of Oriel, Colin, Laurence and Graham (with Stanley)
FURNELL, Colin Slater, 6.11.1929 - 25.1.1999,  husband of Iris Maude,  father of Peter and family
FURNELL, Graham,  son of Christina and Stanley, brother of Oriel and Colin, died accidentally 26.6.1944, aged 7 years
FURNELL, Stanley Robert, died 25.4.1979, aged 81 years,  father of Oriel, Colin, Laurence and Graham (with Christina)
FUSS, Albert Charles, our husband and father, died May 13, 1945, aged 73 years (with Johana)
FUSS, Albert John, husband of Phyllis Eileen, died 24 June 1968, aged 47 years
FUSS, Charles John,   twin son of R.C. and E.L., born October 26, 1937, died February 7, 1946, aged 8 years
FUSS, Gertrude Dorothy, born January 8, 1909, died June 30 1922
FUSS, Harold Edwin, our husband and father died ?? ??? 1946, aged 41 years (with Jean Mary)
FUSS, Ivy Margaret, died 17 April 1995, aged 75 years, wife of Gordon,  mother of Harold, Raelene and Ian
FUSS, Jean Mary (with Harold), died October 16, 1978, aged 68 years
FUSS, Johana Sophia, our wife and mother, died July 21, 1952, aged 75 years
FUSS, John, husband of the late Ethel Maud, died 1 November 1953, aged 60 years
FUSS, Maureen Verna (nee Harris). Mother of Marian and John, Julie and Nick and Ronald and Shirley. 10 Febuary 2010
FUSS, Rudolph Charles, 16.11.1903 - 21.9.1999, aged 95 years,  husband for 62 years of Elizabeth Lahore,  father of Bill & Shirley, Charles (dec), Margaret & Bruce, Leonie & Lawrence, John & Christine and their families
FUSS, Walter Harold. Father of Marian and John, Julie and Nick and Ronald and Shirley. 10 December 2009

GARDNER, Elizabeth Rennison, died 10. February 1982, aged 85 years,   mother of Margaret, Thelma, George, Malco (with Morford)
GARDNER, Morford Theyer, died 25 July 1973, aged 84 years,   father of Margaret, Thelma, George, Malco (with Elizabeth)
GARDNER, son of Sheila and George, stillborn, 24.3.64
GERTAU, Robert John (Bob), born 23.3.1931, died 18.10.1999,   husband of Shirley,  father and father-in-law of Lynette and Peter; Julie and Lindsay; Linda and Graeme; and their families
GLOVER, Allan Edward, 16.3.1934 - 25.9.1995, aged 61 years, husband of Ronda Margaret,  father of Peter, Merilyn, Steven nd Lisa
GLOVER, daughter of Ian and Sue, stillborn 23.9.74, also stillborn son 28.6.81
GLOVER, son of Annette and Geoffrey, stillborn 29.10.62
GREEN, baby
GREENSHIELDS, Alexander Dugald, husband of Clara, died 23 May 1972, aged 86 years,  father of Cyril, Mervyn, Iris, Lyle and Shirley
GREENSHIELDS, Clara Elizabeth, wife of Alex, died 23 February 1979, aged 92 years,  mother of Cyril, Mervyn, Iris, Lyle and Shirley
GREENSHIELDS, Edna Grace, wife of John,  mother of Linley, Naomi and Simone, 10.2.1944, 22.2.1986
GURSANSKY, Beatrice Edith May, wife of Roy, died 6 July 1951
GUY, Vernon Aaron, husband of Olive, died 19 February 1969, aged 64 years

HAARSMA, Ella Frances, wife of John, mother of one daughter and seven sons, died 31 October 1971, aged 71 years
HAARSMA, John,  father and husband died 15 October 1979, aged 82 years (with Ella)
HABNER, Chelsea Grace, 5.10.1998 - 9.10.1998, first child of Nigel and Stephanie, grand daughter of David and Stella Habner; Graeme and Dot Kerley
HABNER, Desmond Maxwell,  son of Mavis and of the late Roy,  brother of Robert, Betty also John (dec'd), passed away 13 May 1961
HABNER, Leslie Gordon, husband of Joan, died 26.10.1962, aged 61 years,  father of Evelyn, Lucille, Rosemary, David, Barbara and Kenton
HABNER, Lucy Flavel, wife of William, died 12 Aoril 1936, in her 74th year
HABNER, Roy Vincent, husband of Mavis,  father of Robert, Desmond, Betty, also John (Dec'd), passed away 22 August 1957
HAEUSLER, Eleanor Edith, 16.6.1899 - 27.6.1942, aged 43 years,  wife of Reginald,  mother of Michael and David
HAEUSLER, Reginald John, 15.7.1902 - 9.9.1998, aged 96 years,  husband of Eleanor,  father of Michael and David and their families
HAINES, A. A., Corporal, 2425, 14 Aust. Army Service Corps, 17 April 1963, age 67, husband of Elsie,  father of Esma and Malcolm
HAINES, died 6.12.55
HAINES, Elsie H., died 23.3.1988,  wife of Arthur,  mother of Esma and Malcom, aged 90 years
HALL, O. A., dear husband and father, passed away 6 March 1942, aged 61 years
HALL, Olive Louisa, died 21 April 1965, aged 86 years
HAMMOND, Doris May,  wife of Leslie, died 13.10.2003, aged 84 years,  mother of Doris, John, Peter and Michael
HAMMOND, Leslie Watson,  husband of May, died 5.9.1991, aged 84 years,  father of Doris, John, Peter and Michael
HAMMOND, Mary Ann, 27.3.1975
HAMS, Albert G., died 13 September 1944, aged 69 years (with Florence)
HAMS, Florence (with Albert), died 9 July 1945, aged 70 years
HANCOCK, Darryl Bruce,  son of Joy and Malcolm, lived 10 hours, 13.2.1971
HANCOCK, Garfield Bruce, husband of Joy,  father of Valda, Malcolm and Bevan, died 20 November 1969, aged 50 years
HANCOCK, Joy Irene, wife of Garfield,  mother of Valda, Malcolm and Bevan, died 20 October 1978, aged 68 years
HAND, Henry John (Jack), 3.3.1906 - 30.10.1933, son of Ada and Henry Hand, brother of May Green and Gerry Hand, uncle of Margaret, John, Peter, Sylvia, Penny and Andrew
HARDER, Desmond Frederick, born 17 March 1936, died 19 August 1993,   husband of Gloria Lorraine,  father of Michael, Rodney, Trevor and Barry
HARDER, Edwin John, husband of Phyllis Mary, and  father of Len, Lyall, Joyce, Shirley, Fred, Verne, Doug and Vin, died 19 September 1967, aged 55 years
HARDER, Frank Leonard, dearly son, accidentally killed 13 April 19??, aged 14 years
HARDER, Johannes, husband of Metha, died 18 May 1949, aged 67 years,  father of Eddie, Ott, Fred, Em and Frank
HARDER, Metha, died 4 October 1971, aged 89 years,  mother of Eddie, Ott, Fred, Em and Frank, (with Johannes)
HARDER, Phyllis Mary, wife and mother of above (see Edwin John), died 20 May 1967, aged 54 years
HARDER, Walter Hugo, 12.12.1918 - 24.4.1999,  husband of Gay,  father of Beverley and Leon
HARDY, Andrew, son of Neville and Mary died 3.7.71, aged 20 hours
HARDY, Rhonda, daughter of Eva and Bill, died 9.12.53, aged 4= yrs
HEARD, Amelia
HEARD Stanley James, 3.4.1900 - 19.11.1982
HEARD, Stanley James,  husband of Claire (deceased), parents of Mary, Daphne and Ern,  grandparents of Paul, Suesan, John, Paul, Gary, Kim and Tricia
HEATH, Ernest Jack (Ern), AIF motif, passed away 16 November 2001, aged 89 years,   husband of Ellen Elfreda (Nell),  and  father of Helen, Brian, Janet, Michael, Peter, Andrew and families, (foot - cherished grandpa and great grandpa)
HEBBERMAN, Janet Ann,  daughter of Iris and Rupert, sister of Brian, David and Karen, accidentally killed 10 October 1972, aged 16 years
HEBBERMAN, Jeffrey Frank, darling son of Iris and Rupert, died 18 August 1951, aged 2 years 8 months
HEBBERMAN, Rupert G., Private, SX8388, 2/8 Field Amb, 21 February 1985, aged 68 years; husband of Iris, father of Jeffrey (dec), Brian, David, Janet (dec), Karen
HEIDENREICH, Aubrey, husband of Margaret, father of Earle, Roma and Glen, died 17 April 1983, aged 82 years
HEIDENREICH, Margaret, wife of Aubrey, mother of Earle, Roma and Glen, died 8 October 1998, aged 95 years
HEWITT, C. H., Private, SX7629, 2/48 Battalion, 8 July 1966, age 97 years, a good soldier, sportsman and friend
HILL, Amelia Edith, born 15.10.1910, died 21.3.1992, wife of Colin,  mother of Grace and Walter; and John and Valerie
HILL, Arnold Louis, husband of Stella Ann, passed away 18 September 1953, in his 80th year
HILL, Leith John, 15.4.1976 - 26.8.1995, as result of car accident, aged 19 years 4 months,   only son of John and Glenda,  brother of Brigette and Cilff, and Danielle and Rick,   by Mardi
HILL, Stella Ann, wife of the late Arnold Louis, born 14.2.1886, died 7.11.1961,  mother of Doreen (dec), Iris and Colin
HOCKLEY Baby, stillborn
HODGSON, Percival, 24.9.65, aged 79 yrs
HOLMAN, Emilie Mary, (Molly), 17.3.1916 - 16.6.1991,  wife of Max,  mother of Ian, Leith and Geoff
HUGHES, Mavis Colleen, passed away 29 August 1993, aged 54 years,   wife of Robert,  mother of Wendy and Danny
HUGHES, Robert (Bob), passed away 30 August 1986, aged 49 years,   husband of Mavis,  father of Wendy and Danny
HUGHES, Ron, dearly husband of Vida,  dad of Maurry, Bob, Betty and Peter, passed away on 8 September 1969, aged 60 years
HUGHES, Vida, dearly wife of Ron,  mother of Maurry, Bob, Betty and Peter, passed away on 20 February 1992, aged 79 years
HUNT, Allan George, died 16.12.26, aged 18 days
HURRELL, George, died 23 January 1962, aged 81 years, husband of the late Elsie,  father of Edgar & Frank, also Clem, Ralph, Ron, Milner (dec'd)
HURRELL, Ralph, died 15 May 1964, aged 54 years, husband of Gladys,  father of Colin, Barry, Maureen, Neville, Margaret and Rosemary

JACOBS, Roy Joseph, died 2 September 1984, 87 years,  father of Clinton (with Una)
JACOBS, Una Grant, died 4 July 1984, 82 years,  mother of Clinton (with Roy)
JOHNSON, Norman Joseph, died 3 December 1968, aged 46 years
JOHNSTON, Baby, stillborn
JOLLY, Ronald Matthew, our husband and father, died 7 October 1970, aged 44

KAHL, Hans Fredrick, died 1 February 1942, aged 53 years
KAY, Matilda Louisa, passed away 3 April 1989, aged 90 years,  mother of Joyce, Gladys, Madge, Rex, Gordon, Vic, Pearl and Norman (dec) (with James)
KAY,, James Edward, passed away 22 August 1985, aged 91 years, husband of Matilda Louisa,  father of Joyce, Gladys, Madge, Rex, Gordon, Vic, Pearl and Norman (dec)
KAY,, Pauline Ann, ever remembered by Eileen and Gordon, *9.7.1964
KEEP, Murray Charles, "Marrie", 1908 - 1978
KELLY, Elsie May, wife of Leslie, mother of Graham, Dean, John and David, died 25 May 1996, aged 89 years
KELLY, Jack, cross and mound
KELLY, Leslie W.,  husband of May, and  father of Graham, Dean, John and David, died 12 April 1967, aged 63 years (with Elsie)
KERLEY, Cyril Roy, died 13 March 1961, aged 72 years, husband of Coral, father Graeme, Lloyd and Neil
KESSELL, Stanley George, died 26 December 1989, aged 69 years, husband of Kathleen,  father of Dean (dec), Leonie, Roger,  grandparent of Brett, Scott, Kimberlye, Jarrod, Tracey and Paul
KIMBER, Geoffrey Walter, died 12 December 1962, aged 65 years, (with Olive)
KIMBER, Olive Grace, died 5 March 1976, aged 76 years (with Geoffrey)
KIMBER, Shannan Renae, daling daughte rof Sue and Phil, *11.10.1978 - 23.10.1978
KING, Allan Guy,  husband of Kay, father of Julie, Vicki and Tracey, died 17.10.88, aged 66 yrs
KING, Elizabeth Guion "Liz", born Litchfield, Conn., USA, May 19, 1906, died April 2, 1990,  and remembered by her family
KING, Ronald Joseph,  son of Joseph and Margaret, brother of Dot, passed away 2 April 1999, aged 75 years
KIRBY, 28.8.25, aged 5 years
KIRBY, stillborn baby, 10.7.19
KIRBY, stillborn baby, 29.5.19
KIRKHAM, Jacqueline, daughter of Jim and Elsie, age 18, 28 May 1965
KIRKHAM, Jim, husband of Elsie, 22 July 1990, aged 69 yrs,  parent of Eric and Jacqueline
KOCH, Adolph,(Ard), 14.8.1915 - 27.10.2001,  father of Lorraine and Ron and all their families (with Joyce)
KOCH, Iris Grace, 21.2.1918 - 27.5.2002,  wife of Ed, cherished mother of Glenda and John; Geoff and Bev; Brenton and Kerrie;  grandma to their families
KOCH, Joyce, 17.9.1914 - 28.6.1998,  wife of Adoph (Ard),  mother of Lorraine and Ron, and all their families
KOCH, O. Clarence, 28.8.1913 - 25.8.1923,  son of Laura and C. (Harry),  eldest brother of Ard, Ed and Rob
KOCH, Sacha Maree,  daughter of Kerrie and Brenton, 20 September 1976
KONZAG, Christiane Louise, died 1 November 1946, aged 76 years

LANGSFORD, Baby, 12.8.13
LANGSFORD, Patricia, daughter of Marcia and Victor, stillborn 17.5.50
LAUBE, Agnes, passed away 26 January 1965, aged 53 years, wife of Ern,  mother of Pat, Trevor and Ivan
LAUBE, Beatrice Doris, died 3 August 1989, aged 79 years,  mother of Brian and Allan (with Cecil)
LAUBE, Cecil Frederick, died 23 March 1966, aged 65 years,  father of Brian and Allan (with Beatrice)
LAUBE, Charles, husband of Sophia, died 18 September 1954, aged 80 years
LAUBE, Charlotte, (with Johann), died 19 March 1941, aged 66 years
LAUBE, Edgar Noblet, 1916 - 1979, husband of Sylvia, father of Sonia, Roger, Helen and Nicholas
LAUBE, Ern, passed away 2 July 1971, aged 65 years,  father of Pat, Trevor and Ivan (with Agnes)
LAUBE, Johann Friedrich, (with Charlotte), our dear father, died 26 July 1940, aged 68 years
LAUBE, Sophie, passed away 14 February 1959, aged 82 years, from Bessie, Reg and Kath
LAUBE, Trevor Ernest, 20.2.40 to 25.7.91,  son of Ern and Agnes, brother of Pat and Ivan,  friend of nieces and nephews
LAWRIE, Elsie May, passed away 7 April 1978, aged 73 years,  wife of George,  mother of Freda, Melva, Mervyn, Nancy, Christine and Margaret
LAWRIE, George, passed away 30 October 1992, aged 96 years,  father of Freda, Melva, Mervyn, Nancy, Christine and Margaret (with Elsie)
LAWRIE, Mervyn George, passed away February 20, 1999, aged 70 years,  husband of Kathleen,  father of Rosemary, Tony, Graeme, and Lorrae,  grandpa of Clint, Alicia, Aaron, Candace and Tatum
LE BRUN, stillborn daughter of Beryl and Bill, 18 November 1973
LEAR, Ronald Granville, husband of Violet (Betty), born 11 December 1904, died 14 June 1991
LEAR, Silvester Mervyn, passed away 17 September 1985, aged 83 years, husband of Edna May,  father of Arthur, Glenys and Roslyn
LEBRUN, Angeleen, daughter of Heather and Ken, stillborn, 20.11.61
LEBRUN, Emma Louisa, born 3.4.02 Jersey, Channel Islands, died 26.10.67,  wife of Harold John, mother of Robert Bruce, mother in law of Pat, grandmother of Julie
LEBRUN, H.J., Private, 66963, the Worcestershire Regiment, 25 March 1959, age 59, husband of Emma,  father of Bob
LEE, Millicent, wife of the late Charles, died 15 December 1955, aged 73
LETTON, Alfred James, Private,  husband of Mavis for 54 years,  father of Bevan, Helen, Alma, Robert, Jillian, Dennis, Lance and Christopher + service plaque SX32444, Army Medical Corps, 9 July 1996, aged 76
LETTON, Alfred Robert, died 21 August 1967, aged 78 years,  father of three sons and seven daughters
LETTON, Alma, daughter of Alfred R., and Marion M., passed away 11 November 1958, aged 35 years
LETTON, Doris Emily, passed away 10 September 19??, aged 51 years,  wife and mother of above (see Sydney Robert)
LETTON, Marion Maude, died 27 July 1969, aged 77 years,  mother of three sons and seven daughters
LETTON, Sydney Robert,   husband of Doris, and  father of Walter, Errol, Donald and Rhonda, accidentally killed 17 February 1957, aged 44 years
LIDDLE, Alexander Albert, husband of Pauline, died 27 April 1980, aged 64 years,  father of Julie, Paul, Marie and Michael
LILHIENTALS, Big Eriks,   friend of Em (E F Marchant), be brother of Gaida, Biruta and Rita, born Latvia 18.10.1929, died Cummins 3.8.1991
LOCKIER, child, died 31.5.18
LOLLER, Raymond Harry, 1929 - 1988,  husband of Doreen,  father of Gail, Wayne, Neville and Celestine
LOVEGROVE, Judith Marion, died 28 August 19??, aged 20 months,  daughter of Betty and John,  sister of John, Sandra, Candice and Robert

MADIGAN, James, died 15.12.62
MAJOOR, Corey Stuart, son of John and Lesley, brother of Shaun, passed away 22 March 1977, aged 4= years
MALES, Dennis Paul,  husband of Kerry,  father Sonny, Tuesday, Dennis and Shea, 28.3.1944 - 31.5.1986
MALONEY, Bernard Geoffrey,  husband of Maureen, born 18.2.1929, died 13.7.1990,  dad of Sharon, John, Jenny and Sandra
MALONY, daughter of Maureen and Geoff, stillborn 12.4.60
MARCHANT, E. F. (Em),  daughter of Hugh and Emily McPhail,  sister of Ron, Jean, Lew, Ethel, Bill and John, 20.4.1925 - 6.9.2000
MARSHALL, Gerald, died 23.8.76, aged 51 yrs
MARTAIN, baby boy, aged 2 days, 14.9.71
MARTIN, James, 6.3.25
MARTIN, Kelly Louise, darling little girl of Michael and Pauline, accidentally drowned 23 January 1975, aged 2 years and 3 months
MARTIN, Philip Jacob Rex, passed away 10 January 2002, aged 59 years,  husband of Carolyn Anne, cherished father of Lisa, Paul and Leanne, proud and  pa of Brock, Mitchell, Alyssa, Caitlyn and Brayden
MARTINSON, Charles Edward, died 10.7.23, aged 5 months
MASON, Frederick John (Woggy), passed away 21 March 1998, aged 63 years,   husband of Heather,  and  father of Darryl, Maryanne and Jacqui,  pop
MASON, Meredith Ann, wife of Kingsley, passed away 1 November 1971, aged 23 years
MCCRACKEN, Jean Kathleen, September 16, 1994, 78 yrs,  wife of Phillip Lloyd,  mother of Joan, Anthony, Roger, Grant, Claire and Steven
MCCRACKEN, Phillip Lloyd, May 8, 2004, 91 years,  husband of Jean Kathleen,  father of Joan, Anthony, Roger, Grant, Claire and Steven
MCKENZIE, Allan Blair, died 20 October 19?7, aged 57
MCKNIGHT, J. R., Private, 1146, 3 Battalion, 21 July 1952, age 61; husband of Myra and father of Margaret, Nan and Pam
MCLACHLAN, Robert (Bob), 18/4/19?2 - 14/8/2002
MCMAHON, Albert Victor, died 19 February 1957, aged 70 years, husband of Mina, father of Ken, Gloria and Don
MCMURTRIE, Doris, our  daughter and sister, died 16 February 1916, dear friend of Edward Slater
MCSWEENEY, Minna Sophia, wife of Donald,  mother of Chris, Don and Bill, died 31.12.1983, aged 86 years
MICKAN, Lina Hilda, our darling daughter, died 9 March 1922, aged 3 years
MICKAN, Wayne, died 19 October 1952, son of Eddie and Lorry
MILBOURN, J. P., erected by his workshop staff of the Loco sheds, Port Pirie, 1913
MILLARD, Lancelot G., (Snow),  husband of Shirley, 19126 - 1974,  father of Ruth, Wendy, Carol, Glenn, Neil and Heather
MILLER, Hartley Harold, son of the late S & E Miller, passed away 29 May 1957, aged 47
MINHARD, Jan, 21.4.1955 - 29.8.1999, very special lady,  by Chris, Louise, Emma, Shannon and Jade
MORTIMER, Lindsay, husband of Louvain, and  father of Melvern and Jillian, died 1 September 1962, aged 48 years
MUDGE, Keith Maxwell, died 7 April 1986, aged 53 years, husband of Glenda Olwen,  father of Janelle, Darren, Erina and Susanne
MULLAN, Tanya Kay, died 4.3.67, aged 14 months
MULLER, Eva Iris Ann, 13.7.1921 - 26.10.1997,  mum of Joyce and Bill; Gladys and Peter; and families, (with Herb)
MULLER, Reinhold (Herb), Trooper, 13.6.1912 - 23.11.1979,  husband of Eva Iris Ann,  dad of Joyce and Bill; Gladys and Peter; and families, + service plaque SX16712, 2/9 Aust. Armd. Regt; 67 years
MURCHISON, Bryce, accidentally killed 23 April 1978, aged 18 years,  son of Veronica and Max, brother of Deidre, Trevor, Ross, Jill and Kym
MURNANE, Charles John, died 30.8.1993, aged 92 years,  husband of Violet,  father of Barry and Lorraine,  poppa of Corey, Trent, Jamie, Karla (dec) and Jade and their families
MURNANE, Karla Louise, died at birth 20 January 1980, dearly daughter of Lorraine and Barry,  sister of Corey, Trent and Jamie
MURTON, Effie Susanna, wife of Norman,  mother of Joyce, Robert, Roma, Miriam, Lola, Nancy, Claire, Shirley, James and Victor, died 26 February 1983, aged 88 years
MURTON, Emmeline (Amy),  mother of Lene, Horace, Perce and Norman, died 30 September 1938, aged 78 years
MURTON, Richard Norman, husband of Effie,  father of Joyce, Robert, Roma, Miriam, Lola, Nancy, Claire, Shirley, James and victor, died 24 August 1965, aged 75 years
MURTON, Victor Clement, 18.10.1931 - 29.5.2001,  third son of Norman and Effie, brother to Joyce, Robert (dec), Roma, Miriam, Lola, Nancy (dec), Claire, Shirley and James

NAGEL, Desmond Roy, 2.8.1921 - 24.5.1994, aged 72 years,  husband of Edna May,   father of Brian, Rodney, John and Lola,  by the grandchildren
NAGEL, Elizabeth Margaret, our dear wife and mother, died 27 January 1956, aged 58 years
NAGEL, Guy Matthew, (Nibz), 30 May 1979 - 12 January 2003, aged 23 years, as result of accident,   son of Rodney and Marja, cherished brother of Wade and Danny
NAGEL, Walter Roy, father, died 28 October 1966, aged 73 years
NEATE, Clara, daughter of J & A, died April 28, 1940, aged 63 years
NELLIGAN, Leo James, died 17 March 1979, aged 53 years, husband of June,  father of Timothy, Matthew and Justin
NEWMAN, Anthony Ronald, born 23.6.64, died 29.9.64, aged 6 days. niche cross
NICHOLAS, Emma Jane, wife of Bill, born 4.6.1912, died 12.7.1994,  mother of Michael, John and Peter
NICHOLAS, William Henry, husband of Emma, born 23.9.1913, died 20.12.1981,  father of Michael, John and Peter
NOBLE, H. H., (Tobe), husband and father of Maybelle, Peter and Creina, died 21.10.1976, aged 61 years
NOBLE, Maybelle, wife and mother of Tobe, Peter and Creina, died 13.9.1999, aged 94 years
NORTON, A M J, (Jim) Private, SX50571, 26 Aust Infantry Battalion, 9 July 1981, aged 57 years; Maxine and family, Leeanne, Kerry, Deidre, Glyn, Andrea, John have  memories
NORTON, son of Patricia and Cephus, stillborn 28.7.55
NOSKE, Paul Heinrich, husband of Ida, died March 12, 1922, aged 45 years, a  husband and father

OPHOF, Adolf (Dutchy), passed away November 22, 2003,  father of Julie, Nicole and Michael,  poppa of Arian, Bianca, Mikey and Jacob

PAGE, Child, died 6.12.13
PARHAM, Margaret Dawn, wife of Mark,  mother of Renae and Luke, died 9 April 1980, aged 24 years, daughter of Allen and Betty Campbell
PARKER, Allan Phillip, born 29 February 1912, died 15 July 1990,  husband of Dulcie,  dad of Yvonne, Bill, Bob
PARKER, Henry George, (Mick), 11.5.1914 - 26.4.1959, aged 44 years, husband of Nellie Vera,  father of Robert, Keith, Judith, Leon, Trevor, David and their families
PARKER, Nellie Vera (nee Grover), 17.10.1911 - 30.12.2001, aged 90 years,  mother of Robert, Keith, Judith, Leon, Trevor, David and their families (with Henry)
PARKER, Robert George, 14.6.1941 - 31.1.1983,  husband of Judith,  father of Caroline, Andrew, Michael and Alison
PATERSON, Evelyn Alice Mary, wife of Reg, died 29.3.1975, aged 52 years
PATTERSON, son of Margaret and Ian, stillborn 21.3.64
PEARSON, Glen Gardner K.B., 19.2.1907 - 30.11.1976,   husband of Mavis Doreen,  father of Ian, Jeffrey and Edna
PEARSON, Mavis, 20.10.1907 - 21.6.2003,  mother of Ian, Jeffrey and Edna (with Glen)
PEDLER, Bernard Joseph, 1928 - 1984, husband of Dawn,  father of Kerryn, Pauline, Brian, Marie and Kevin
PEDLER, Daniel Leo, son of Sheila and Jack, 14.2.1953 - 28.7.1953
PEDLER, daughter of Nita and robert, stillborn 11.5.52
PEDLER, Dell,  wife of John, died 11 June 1977, aged 79 years
PEDLER, Eugene Patrick, son of Sheila and Jack, accidentally killed 26.11.1967, aged 19 years
PEDLER, John (Pat), husband of Dell, died 5 May 1965, aged 70 years
PEDLER, John Desmond, 25.4.1916 - 30.10.1996, aged 80 years,  husband of Sheila Margaret,  father of Graham, Paul, Eugene, Neil, Danny, Mary, Monica, Joan and Gerald
PEDLER, Judith, born 6.1.1965, lived 1 hour, infant of Colleen and Jim
PEDLER, Kathleen, daughter of Pat and Dell, died 30 July 1961, aged 42 years
PEDLER, Nita, wife of Bob,  mother of Veronica, Anne-Marie, Robyn, Denis and Therese, died 28 November 1962, aged 37 years
PEDLER, Peter Robert, son of Nita and Robert, died 10.6.50, aged 10 days
PEDLER, Robert Abraham, 41821, RAC, died 21.6.93, aged 71,  husband, father and grandfather
PHELPS, Edward Frank, passed away 29 September 1991, aged 76 yrs,   husband of Gwenda Pearl,  father of Norreen, Brian, Lois and families
PHELPS, Percy J., Gunner, SX26424, Unit 149 AA Regiment, RAA, May 30, 1995, age 77 years;  husband of Christine,  father of Sandra, Annette, Kathy, Deidre and Debbie
PHELPS, Wilbur Ray, died 14 December 1988, aged 78 years, husband of Rhonda Blanche,  father of Gavin, Cliff and Ivan,  grandparent of Tracey, Lisa, Geoffrey, Neil, Lyall, Vincent, Kimberley and Jarrod
PHILLIPS, Keith Herbert,  son of Bert and Mabel, brother of Mary, Ron, Laurie, Bernie and Carmel, died 23 October 1979, aged 67 years
PLEW, William Charles, died 26 August 1958, aged 79 years
PONTIFEX, Craig Russel, died 27 December 1964
PONTIFEX, Nora, 1912 - 2001,  wife of Russel, dear mother of Ian and Margaret
PONTIFEX, Russel George, 1915 - 1986,  husband of Nora, dear father of Ian and Margaret
PROCTOR, Elsie Maria, wife of Thomas Henry,  mother of Ray and Marjorie, died February 14, 1949, aged 72 years
PROCTOR, Thomas Henry, husband of Elsie,  father of Ray and Marjorie, died January 23, 1946, aged 71 years

QUINN, J. R., son of Dora and Arch, died 4.9.17

REED, Francis Lancelot, died 16 August 1963, aged 68 years, ever remembered by Ann, Bob, Jack, Bill, Marj and Grace (with Sylvia)
REED, Robert Francis,AIF motif, *8.10.1919 - 24.6.1997,  son of Frank and Sylvia, brother of Anne, Jack, Bill, Marj and Grace, husband of Evelyn
REED, Sylvia Maud, died 13 July 1972, aged 75 years, ever remembered by Ann, Bob, Jack, Bill, Marj and Grace (with Francis)
REILLY, Margaret Ellen, nee Cronin, died July 1964, aged 82 years
RENSHAW, Ivy Merle, 7.8.1916 to 14.10.1995,  sister of Enda May Lear
REYNOLDS-ROWE, son of Heather and Robert, died July 30, 1963, aged 12 hours
RICHARDSON, Baby, stillborn
RICHARDSON, Thomas Nicholas Kemp, 18.6.1911 - 4.6.1985,   husband of Aileen,  father of John, Rosemary, Kim, Dean and Neil
ROBINS, Richard Thomas, husband of Maude Grace, father of Alexander John (Dick), grandfather of Grace, Keith, Nancy, Tony and Judith, great grandfather of Timothy and Rebecca Coomba and Benjamin Robins, passed away 9 June 1968, aged 84 years
ROBINS, Thelma Jean, died 13 September 1986, aged 58 years, as result of accident, wife of Alexander John (Richard),  mother of Grace, Keith, Nancy, Tony and Judith
ROEDIGER, Bernard Clifton, died 2 August 1968, aged 63 years
ROEDIGER, Beth Adelaide, died 14 July 1965, aged 38 years
ROEDIGER, Thomas Ross, died 9 January 1980
ROSENBERG, Lawrence, husband of Muriel, father of Peter, Marlene, Wayne and Terry, called home 8 March 1975, aged 63 years
ROSS, Alexander James, husband of Elizabeth Mary,  father of Peter, Christine and Bruce, died 26 November 1962, aged 42 years
ROSS, Bebee, wife of Jas. B. Ross, died 19 October 1953, aged 30 years
ROSS, James Blyth, (with Bebee), died 20 September 1982, aged 70 years
ROWE, Frederick William,  husband of Isabella, passed away 13.6.1961, aged 82 years,  father of Warren, Shirley, Bill, Betty and Alton
ROWE, Isabella May, died 13 May 1987, aged 95 years, wife of Frederick William (dec), mother of Warren (dec), Shirley, Lionel, Betty and Alton
RYAN, died 15.8.25

SAMPSON, Agnes, wife of Mark Sampson (dec'd),  mother of Lionel, passed away 1 March 1949, aged 75 years
SAMPSON, Lionel 6.6.1906 - 6.11.1975, dearly husband of Mary,  father of Geoff, Pat and Bob
SAMPSON, Mary, 16.5.1910 - 5.10.1998,  mother of Geoff, Pat and Bob (with Lionel)
SCHETTLER, Otto, died 16.5.63, aged 32 yrs
SCHNEIDER, John Fred, born at Wirrabara 29 September 1910, died 24 May 1998, with Madge
SCHNEIDER, Madge, nee Cowin, born at Laura 25 January 1916, died 10 August 1976,  mother of John, Bob, Les and Margaret, wife of John Fred
SCHONDORF, Charles A., Private, SX36222, 2/4 Aust. Base W/Shop A.B.M.B., 4 November 1985, aged 70 years;   husband of Laurel, father of Marion, John (dec) and David
SCHONDORF, John Charles, son of Laurel and Albert, brother of Marion and David, died 12 August 1966, aged 18 years
SCHULZE, Frederica Sophie, wife Friedrich Otto, mother of Otto, Gustav and Emma, 26.2.1869 - 25.3.1952
SECKER, June, died 26 June 1980, aged 55 years,  wife of Tom,  mother of Lyn, Rick, Tony and Jill
SECKER, Michael John,  son of Diane and Terry, died 12 October 1971, aged 3 years, 3 months
SECKER, Michelle Jane, daughter of Rose and Rick, died 29 November 1972, aged 23 months
SECKER, Nigel James, son of Rose and Rick, died 15 August 1977, aged 26 months
SECKER, William Verco, 27.3.1917 - 8.4.2001,  husband of Mollie,  father of Helen, Terry, Peggy, Caroline, Gerard, Andrew, Kathleen and Patrick
SHA, Mahomad, died 29.5.16
SHATTOCK, Lionel Gilbert, aged 74 years
SHAW, Douglas Charles, 11.3.51, aged 5 yrs
SHEEHAN, baby son stillborn son of Mark and Sharon, 7.4.1978
SHEEHAN, Gerald Leo, died 30 October 1969, aged 56 years (with Kathleen)
SHEEHAN, Kathleen Mollie, died 28 February 1990, aged 71 years (with Gerald)
SHEEHAN, Stephen Mark,  son of Denny and Carmel,  brother of Anne, Marie, Matthew, Gerald and John, died 26 July 1985, aged 18 years
SHILLABEER, S., died 19.7.1917
SIMKO, Elizabeth Mary, wife of Stefan,  mother of Peter, Christine and Bruce, accidentally killed 12 April 1979, aged 54 years
SIMPSON, died 9.11.34
SLATE, George Frederick, died 23.5.1992 aged 87 yrs, husband of Juanita Bernice,  father of Brenton and family
SLATE, Juanita Bernice, died 9.5.1996, aged 81 yrs,  mother of Brenton and family (with George)
SLATER, Alick James, died 8 May 1973, aged 74,  husband of Coral and the late Elsie, father of Max, Doug and Joy
SLATER, Coral Beavis, died 2 August 1999, aged 93 years,  mother of Graeme, Lloyd and Neil Kerley
SLATER, Edward, husband of the above (with Ethel and Natalie), died 29 January 1968, aged 75
SLATER, Elsie Mary, wife of Alick,  mother of Max, Doug and Joy, died 9 July 1957, aged 6? Years
SLATER, Ethel, wife of Edward, died 8 January 1965, aged 76 (with Edward and Natalie)
SLATER, Hilda Mary, daughter of the late Elizabeth and David, who passed away 26 June 1963, aged 85 years
SLATER, Luban David F., husband of Lola,  father of Robbie and Philip, also Lois, died 3 October 1967, aged 70 years
SLATER, Natalie, and their  daughter (with Ethel and Edward), died 7 March 1958, aged 37
SLUGGETT, Bertram James, husband of Ethel, cherished father and pa, 25.12.1915 - 20.1.1985
SLUGGETT, Ethel Lydia, wife of Bert,  mother of Margaret, Barbara and Pauline, cherished nana and greatnana, 22.8.1910 - 26.9.1997
SMITH, Captain, L. B., MC, 50 Battalion, 15 March 1957, age 65, husband of Elva,  father of Keith, Avis, Fay and Lorraine
SMITH, Emmeline Elva, died 21 March 1986, wife of L. B. Smith (dec'd),  mother of Keith, Avis, Fay and Lorraine
SMITH, George Chrysop,  husband of Iris, and  father of David, died 2 October 1967, aged 69 years, a pioneer of Yeelanna
SMITH, Iris, wife of George Chrysop, mother of Yvonne, Roma and David, died 13 August 1972, aged 75 years
SMITH, K. C., 2429 Private, 5 Pioneer Battalion, 10 May 1956, age 67
SPURLING, George V. Lena, sadly missed by Mrs A Hinton, sons and daughters
SPURLING, George, our dear father, died 23 December 1943, aged 39 years (with Lena) ever remembered by Ian and Lucille Spurling
SPURLING, Ian George, born 18.6.1936, died in London 4.7.1996,   only son of Lena and George,  brother of Lucille
SPURLING, Lena, mother, who died 17 June 1952, aged 52 years, (with George) ever remembered by Ian and Lucille Spurling
STACEY, died 28.6.12
STANFORD, Charles, died 14 June 1958, aged 84 years
STANFORD, Daisy, died April 7, 1959
STEVENS, Percival George, husband of Rena Annie, died 11 April 1975, aged 57 years
STEVENSON, James Robert, husband of Blanche (dec'd), father of Robert (dec'd), ????, died March 21st, 194?, aged 8{?}3

THORPE, Adelina, wife of the late Thomas, and  mother of Olive, Herb, Watkin, Clara and Clem, died 19 April 1968, aged 84 years
THRING, Gloria Ellen, passed away 19 January 1989, aged 50 years, wife of Malcolm John,  mother of Suzanne, Kathryn and David
THRING, John Howard,  husband of Violet, died 13 June 1995, aged 88 years, father of Malcolm, Graham and Margaret
THRING, Violet Hope,  wife of John, died 3 October 1997, aged 87 years, mother of Malcolm, Graham and Margaret
TILLER, Thomas John, stillborn son of Jill and David, 31.3.1976
TOGNELLA, Aubrey Colin (Tog), died 4 January 1985, aged 68 years,  brother of Hilda
TRESIZE, Richard John (Dickie), 6.10.38 - 5.10.98, always  partner of Pam and family
TRESIZE, Richard, (Dick), 5.4.1905 - 20.11.1994, aged 89 years,  husband of Roma,  father of Rosie, Dickie, Tony, Bob, Ann, Gill, Clem, Sylv, Charlie, Marie and Gary
TRIGG, Esma Audrey. 19 Jan 1922 to 23 Feb 2005.  wife of Noel.  mother of Beverley, Meredith, Alison, Heather. At peace with her Lord. (Information kindly provided by Esma's daughter, Heather.)
TRIGG, Mabel (Mabs). 26.04.13 - 17.08.2006. Reunited at last with her be Bryan (09.11.1913 - 14.05.1943)
TRIGG, Mary Gentle, died 16.12.83 age 74 yrs,  wife of Sturt, mother of Glenda, Bryan, Ruth and Beryl
TRIGG, Newton Finlay, Private, SX27234, 6 M.G. Bn and 2/1 Pioneer Bn, 31 July 1991, aged 76 years,  husband of Florence, father of June, John and Claire
TRIGG, Noel Samuel. 10 Oct 1918 to 23 July 2007. SX8520WOII,  husband of Esma.  father of Beverley, Meredith, Alison and Heather. (Information kindly provided by Noel's daughter, Heather.)
TRIGG, Samuel, our dear father, died September 4, 1933, aged 76 years
TRIGG, Sturt Lawrance, died 23.3.83 age 75 yrs,  husband of Mary, father of Glenda, Bryan, Ruth and Beryl
TRIGG, Thora, (nee Bottrill), 27.10.1915 - 15.1.1999,  wife of Bill, darling mum of Wendy and Jan,  granny of Peter, Michael, John, Tracey and Lisa and their families
TRIGG, William Alfred (Bill), 31.8.1910 - 10.8.1994,  husband of Thora, treasured dad of Wendy and Jan,  papa Bill of Peter, Michael, John, Tracey and Lisa and their families
TURNER, Bernard Maxwell, (Bernie, 27.8.1932 - 22.7.2003,  husband of Meredith,  father of Sharon, Teresa, Tammy, Maxine, Pamela and families, proud poppy of Mitchell and Samuel
TURNER, Edith, died 13 August 1983, aged 90 years,  mother of Bill and Max (with Walter)
TURNER, Walter George, died 3 December 1975, aged 85 years, husband of Edith,  father of Bill and Max
TURNER, William Thomas George (Bill), 6.1.1918 - 18.10.2003, 85 yrs,  husband of Yvonne Alice,  and  father of Denis, Alan, Ronald, David and their families

UMLAUF, Martin Fredrick, husband of Elsie, father of Graham, Ralph (dec) and Daryl, died 24 December 1992, aged 75 years
UMLAUF, William, husband of the late Ida,  father of Bill, Melva, Ella and Martin, died 3 May 1939, aged 69 years
UNKNOWN, Infant. Stillborn, baby boy*

WAGNER, Mona Fay, died September 30, 1937, aged 10 years
WARREN, William, husband of Kate Hughes, who died November 1, 1952, aged 30 years
WATERS, Annie Rebecca, wife of above (Arundel), died 24 November 1956, aged 81 years
WATERS, Arthur Arundel, died 9 March 1958, aged 57 years
WATERS, Arundel, died 11 October 1953, aged 80 years (with Annie)
WATERS, Eunice May, passed away 28 June 1995, aged 79 years (with her sister Thurza)
WATERS, Thurza Annie, passed away 5 March 1989, aged 81 years, (with Eunice)
WATKINS, Ronald Leo, No 48456, LAC, passed away 6.1.1999, aged 80 years, dearly husband of Margaret,  father of Alison, John and Peter
WEDD, Dene Ronald, infant son of Doris and Ron,  brother of Robert, died 14 August 1960, aged 4 months
WEDD, Ronald Albert, 1926 - 1988,  husband of Doris,  father of Robert, Dene (dec), Allan, Margaret and Peter
WILLIAMS, Jack, killed 5 March 1957, aged 30 years
WILSON, Edmund, died 3.2.47, age 18 yrs
WINEN, Gareth Henry Craig, 11.8.1983 - 13.8.1983, cherished son of Richard & Beverley, brother of Laura, Megan and Emma
WITTO, Louise, wife of Thomas Witto Dec'd,  mother of Mary, passed away 27 January 1949, aged 72 years
WOODFIELD, Anthony Edward, died 2 April 1975, aged 36 years
WOODFIELD, Catherine Mary, 8.6.1906 - 9.5.1973, aged 66 years,  wife of Charlie,  mother of Pat, Betty, Tony (dec), Monica and Paul
WOODFIELD, Charles Isaac, 5.5.1904 - 17.7.1958, aged 54 years,  husband of Molly,  father of Pat, Betty, Tony (dec), Monica and Paul
WOODFIELD, Edward, died 25 January 1959, aged 56 years
WOOLCOCK, Christopher James, died 17 December 1962, aged 18 years
WOOLFORD, Arthur A. B., died 4 July 1975, aged 68 years, husband of Ellen, father of Raymond and Barbara
WOOLFORD, Bruce, 29.8.1927 - 2.3.1995,  father of Heather, Dianne, Kaylene, Philip, also Steven and Trevor (dec) (with Ruth)
WOOLFORD, Ellen Madge, our dear wife and mother, died 19 April 1962, aged 56 years (with Arthur)
WOOLFORD, Ruth Evelyn, 26.9.1930 - 14.4.1992,  wife of Bruce,  mother of Heather, Dianne, Kaylene, Philip also Steven and Trevor (dec)
WOOLFORD, Steven Bruce, son of Ruth and Bruce, brother of Heather, Dianne, Kaylene and Philip, died 13.11.1973, aged 20 years
WORKMAN, Doreen Annie, wife of Ron, died 19 August 1979, aged 69 years
WORKMAN, Ronald William, husband of Doreen, died 6 May 1977, aged 71 years

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