Headstone Transcriptions

Black Hill Old

Generously provided by Graham Barlow - Swan Reach Museum
who had transcribed to 1997
and Marylin and Steve Jones from 1997 onward

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BLACKWELL, Flora Pauline. Abt 9 Sep 1996. Aged 86 years. Born 2 Aug 1910. Wife of John Frederick. Last abode Black Hill.
BUDRIAN,Last abode Black Hill. Anna Therese Erdmuthe. 7 Nov 1909. Aged 60 years. Wife of Friederich budrain.
BUDRIAN, Margaretha Anna Elizabeth. Abt 13 Jul 1919. Aged 34 years. Born 22 Jun 1885. Daughter of Friedrich furchtegott Berthold and Anna Therese Erdmuthe (nee Maltusch). Last abode Black Hill.

GERHARDY, Ernestine Mathilde. 6 Mar 1900. Aged 34 years. Born 2 Jul 1865. Wife of Johann August Carl Gerhardy. Last abode Black Hill.

ISERNHAGEN, Johan Joachim Theodor. 5 December 1896 aged 52 years. Labourer. Cause of death, supposed heart disease.

JANTKE, Johann August. Abt 8 Jun 1920. Aged 78 years. Born 5 May 1881. Son of August Jantke and Louisa (nee Schubert). Last abode Black Hill.
JANTKE, Johanne Louise. Abt 12 Sep 1925. Aegd 78 years. Last abode Black Hill.
JANTKE, Otto Reinhold. Abt 19 Nov 1972. Aged 87 years. Born 29 Jan 1885. Son of August Jantke and Louisa (nee Schubert). Last abode Black Hill.

LANGE, Erwin Paul. Abt 19 Jan 1919. Aged 12 Days. Last abode Black Hill.

NELSON, Bertha Hilda. 14 Sep 1908. Aged 49 years. Wife of Peter Nelson. Last abode Black Hill.

PETERS, Gordon Harrold. 12 Feb 1902. Aged 1 year 5 months. Born 30 Sep 1900. Son of Ferdinand Ernest Peter and Maria (nee Rogarsch). Last abode Black Hill.
PURSCHE, Eileen Agnes. Abt 23 May 1923. Aged 6 weeks. Last abode Black Hill.
PURSCHE, Mathilda Norma. Abt 21 Apr 1916. Aged 2 years 7 months. Last abode Black Hill.

RAMM(nee Schubert), Anna Dorothea Emma. Abt 6 Apr 1902. Aged 41 years. Born 26 Aug 1860. Last abode Black Hill.
RAMM, Anna Pauline Sophie. 25 May 1900. Aged 18 years 7 months. Born 30 Oct 1881. Daughter of gothardt Paul Ramm and Emma (nee Schyubert). Last abode Black Hill.
RAMM, Gotthard Paul. Abt 24 Aug 1925. Aged 67 years. born 1 May 1858. Last abode Black Hill.
ROBINSON, George. 18 Jul 1915. Aged 73 years. Last abode Black Hill.
ROBINSON, Mary Ann. Aged 66 years. Last abode Black Hill.
ROCHOW, Alfred Rudolph. Abt 14 Aug 1999. Aged 93 years. Born 16 Sept 1906. Son of carl Rochow and Pauline (nee Aschie). Husband of Clara Sophie (nee Jantke). Last abode Black Hill.
ROCHOW, Carl Frederick. Abt 18 Sep 1936. Aged 71 years. Born 26 Jun 1865. Son of Johann Gottlieb Rochow and Anne Elizabeth (nee Schrape). Last abode Black Hill.
ROCHOW (nee Aschie), Johanne Pauline. Abt 28 Sep 1967. Aged 91 years. Last abode Black Hill.

SCHULZ (nee Lemke), Bertha Helene. 17 Feb 1902. Aged 33 years. Wife of John Philip Schulz. Last abode Black Hill.
STONE (nee Rochow), Sophie Helene. 12 Jun 1995. Aged 91 years. Born 24 Mar 1904. Daughter of Frederich Carl and Johanne Pauline (nee Asche). Last abode Glengowrie.

WALKINGTON, Silvesta Rose. 30 Jan 1901. Accidentally burnt. Born 20 Jan 1895. Daughter of William George and Alice Ann (nee Edson). Last abode Black Hill.
WIEBRECHT, Regina Flora Elwira. Abt 31 Aug 1905. Born 1 Nov 1904. Daughter of Hugo Wiebrecht and Caroline Luise Emma (nee Donhardt). Last abode Black Hill.

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